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begins with you knowing your audience and ultimately ends with your audience knowing you.  As a full service marketing provider, CreativEnergy will take you through all of the unique marketing stages and activities to help your business communicate and deliver value for your customers, clients and partners.

Marketing Research
Defining your Target Audience
Building a Demographic Study
Identifying your Competitors
Analyzing product/service Differentiation
Creating SWOTT Analysis
Identifying your product/services positioning
Evaluating Packaging Strategies
Creating a Company Mission and Value Statement
Refining Marketing strategies
Marketing/Branding Test


Are you defining the nature of your product and/or service and all the features that would be of interest to the prospective consumer?  Are you defining your product and or service with all features and benefits that are important to your customer base?

Why are you different from your competitor? Have you positioned your produce and or service to clearly define those differences? Have you touched pain-points that your product/service eases?

Market Research
Do you write your market material with your target audience in mind?  Did you write your collateral without doing a demographic study of your prospects? How well do you know your customers?

Effective Messaging
Is your collateral easy to understand? Does it flow smoothly without causing confusion? Does it contain a friendly and extroverted tone?  Is it uncluttered, persuasive and involving?

Effective Sales Tool
Is your marketing collateral an engaging and effective tool used by your sales force? Does it highlight features and benefits rather than your company’s status and brand?

Business Life Cycle
Have you modified your marketing material to reflect changing trends, business lifecycles and product and service progressions?

How effective is your use of
E-Marketing?  Are you able to easily track your E-marketing trends and E-commerce growth?  Is your website able to be easily found by your target customer?

Keep these questions in mind when you choose CreativEnergy to produce your marketing/design for newsletters, advertising copy, websites, collateral and sales letters.  Always remember people want to buy - they don't want to be sold.

Reach out to us today to discuss the Brand/Marketing/E-marketing Tool options your company may need. CreativEnergy is your Full-Service Marketing Firm.



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